Ad hoc news

Ad hoc news 2017

Agreement in principle reached on the conditions for a non-cash capital increase against a contribution in kind for the progenitor bone cell bank from Inno 4 Cell AG - 17.10.2017
Annual General Meeting resolves cash capital increase with preemptive rights at a subscription ratio of 4:1 - 24.08.2017
Elanix Biotechnologies AG starts due diligence to acquire a fetal progenitor bone cell line within a capital increasse by way of contribution in kind - 22.08.2017
Elanix Biotechnologies AG: Torsten Cejka, Chairman of the Supervisory Board resigns effective on the date of next General Meeting - 29.06.2017
The Management and Supervisory Board will propose to the annual general meeting a capital increase against cash contributions up to 50% granting indirect subscription rights - 13.07.2017
Elanix Biotechnologies AG initiates a cash capital increase from authorized capital of up to 1,133,200 new shares with indirect shareholder subscription rights - 30.01.2017
Elanix Biotechnologies AG: capital increase successfully placed, gross issuing proceeds amount to some EUR 4.76 million - 24.02.2017
Elanix Biotechnologies AG: CEO informs about planned cash capital increase with indirect subscription rights - 13.01.2017

Ad hoc news 2016

ELANIX AG - 100% Anteile an Repair-A - 30.09.2016
Tomas Svoboda joins Management Board - 15.02.2016 (English translation)
Reappointment of Supervisory Board - 04.1.2016 (English translation)

Ad hoc news 2015

Restructuring to Biotech Company - 09.12.2015 (English translation)