Company profile


Elanix Biotechnologies is a tissue regeneration company. We develop and commercialize products for acute wound care, dermatological and gynecological applications, as well as providing cell technology services. The company was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), Switzerland, to commercialize a patented progenitor cell technology. Progenitor cells are fully differentiated yet immunologically neutral cells that are very potent inducers of tissue growth and healing. Elanix owns GMP certified Master and Working cell banks containing vast quantities of cells. The Company is headquartered in Epalinges, Switzerland with offices in Hamburg and listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange under the symbol ELN.


Our philosophy to provide safe and innovative advanced skin care products led us to creating a Cell Free Protein Complex (CFPC®) fundamental component of our creams. This complex is based on a proprietary animal cell protein extract.

First Cover, the Company’s lead acute wound care tissue engineering product, is being developed to provide protection and accelerated healing for burns, trauma and plastic surgery. The intention is to shorten the patient time in the intensive care units and in hospital care over all, thus accelerating the process to normality and decreasing the cost to the payer. Elanix is in the process of optimizing and scaling-up production of First Cover for randomized clinical evaluation. Under an ongoing compassionate use exemption program at CHUV Lausanne, First Cover has been and is continuously used for the treatment of severe burn patients. So far, more than 100 patients have been treated with over 12 years follow-up.