March Business Update


I wanted to take a few moments to provide a business update for our valued shareholders.

Here at Elanix Biotechnologies, our mission is to help save and improve lives through the power of cells and their derivatives. We are dedicated to using innovative cell technologies to advance patient wound care and accelerate healing processes. We see a vast opportunity to meet underserved market needs by offering patented products, signing licensing deals, and leveraging the value of our proprietary cell bank.

There is undoubtedly a lot of work for us to do and many challenges to overcome to enable us to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead of us, but I’m excited by our progress and I wanted to share some of this progress with you now.

Elanix is fully operational and executing well towards our stated business plan. We are strengthening our core team, improving our communication strategy, commercializing our cosmetics division (Repair-A), and moving ahead with the development of our advanced wound care portfolio.

We’ve achieved our initial goals: we’ve built an expert team (three new seasoned professionals since Jan 2018), we’ve launched GYNrepair in Europe, and we’ve met our annual Sales guidance.

As CEO, I am committed to diligently communicating all information that may impact the company and its prospects. To that end, I will ensure we regularly inform our current and prospective shareholders of significant events through our website, and through traditional and social media.

There will be a series of communications throughout the rest of this month (on our website, on LinkedIn, via our Newsletters, and through Press Releases) which will include announcements of our new staff hires, third-party cooperation agreements and news about an important financing partnership.  We will also communicate details of the first analyst report to be published on Elanix Biotechnologies. goetzpartners securities Limited in London have published their initiation research report on Elanix, you can view it here.

We are also working on swiftly strengthening our management, advisory and scientific board and IR & PR service providers as well refining the company strategy to maximise the value of our technology, know-how and tangible assets such as product formulation and cell banks. I will keep you informed of progress in all these areas. As soon as I’m able to, I will also provide details about the Elanix general shareholder assembly, which is planned for the summer. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

To summarize, Elanix Biotechnologies has made a positive start but there is more work to do to achieve our goals. I’m convinced we are on the right path and I am confident we have the technology, the team, and the strategy to succeed. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Tomas J. Svoboda, CEO

Nyon, March 22 2018

Goetzpartners Company Note 22 March 2018