Investor Relations

7 reasons to invest in Elanix

1 – Platform technology with allogenic progenitor cells

Multiple product categories, clinical indications, and business models (B2C, B2B, licencing, private label, spin-offs)

2 – Biotech products but no Pharma/Biologics  (specialty cosmetics, medical devices, e-health)

Faster to market, less investment required, no binary outcome, lower regulatory risk

3 – 100+ patients treated over 10+ years and counting at the CHUV in Lausanne

Life-saving and life-improving products, no known clinical risks or side effects

4 – Owner of vast GMP-certified progenitor cell bank

Unique raw material: billions of potent, immunologically neutral cells in stock, audited book value of € 24 million

5 – Patent granted (cell bank set-up)

Protected process in key economies: USA, Japan, Taiwan, EU, Hong Kong

6 – First Product GYNrepair already launched in Europe

Generating early revenues with 300+ million women affected by targeted symptoms, low competition intensity yet high potential

7 – First license-out agreement in Far East

Revenue potential from royalties


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Confidential DOCUMENTS

  • Elanix Equity Research (Industry Note) by Goetz Partners (Jan. 2018)
  • Independent Assessment of Elanix “Asklepios Advisors – Conceptual Framework” (Dec. 2017)
  • Elanix Investor Presentation with audio voiceover  [21:53] (Nov. 2017)