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7 reasons to invest in Elanix

Elanix has the potential to disrupt the biotech industry, which is set to reach EUR 513 billion by 2020 (more info).

  • We develop and commercialise tissue regeneration products (learn more).
  • We are at the forefront of a revolution in applied regenerative medicine.

We have a diversified product portfolio with high growth potential across several important markets:

  • Advanced Wound Care (Medical Devices)
  • Advanced Skin Care
  • Cells as a Service

We apply a highly specialised Biotech approach to the medical device and cosmetics markets. This means:

  • Lower regulatory risk and lower entry cost.
  • Faster market entry and accelerated revenue generation.
  • Possibility to gradually increase sophistication of our products.

The Advanced Wound Care market was worth over USD 18 billion in 2017 (more info).

  • We have products in the pipeline for both Acute and Chronic Wound Care.
  • Our tissue regeneration tech improves and accelerates healing.
  • 10+ years of treating patients in acute and chronic wound care at the Lausanne University Hospital.

We have launched an advanced skin care product line on the European markets.

  • Targeted conditions affecting 300 million+ women worldwide.
  • Exclusive worldwide license for our proprietary CFPC® formulation.
  • Our first product GYNrepair (visit website) is already generating revenues.
  • Our next product SKINrepair will reach the market in 2018.

We license-out our cell technologies (Cells as a Service) to qualified partners and practitioners for specialised use.

  • Software – Wound Therapy Recommendation
  • Development of organoids
  • Clinical Services
  • R&D Services

Our progenitor cell bank is an ASSET with an audited value of EUR 24+ million.

  • Cell banks are GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Patented cell harvesting process in key economies (EU, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong).
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