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GYNrepair® cream contains a proprietary Cell Free Protein Complex (CFPC®) which includes various proteins such as collagen and fibronectin. The cream does not contain perfume and is specifically designed for the genital external mucosa.

Clinical use test** The clinical test was carried out by an independent body. Twenty volunteers applied the cream twice daily for 28 days under the supervision of an accredited gynaecologist. The claims indicated above received between 80-95% of positive rating. show that GYNrepair®:

soothes discomfort, twinges and feeling of dryness,

enhances the feeling of softness and intimate comfort,

GYNrepair® is a Swiss Made product and available in pharmacies throughout Switzerland since 2012.


SKINrepair® restores and reinforces the cutaneous barrier, and soothes the present superficial lesions. The cream is formulated to correct skin irregularities, to moisturize and to help regenerate the epidermis, and is intended to be used for sensitive or weakened skin with a tendency to irregularities.

Available in pharmacies in Switzerland



Elanix is developing bioresorbable and bioactive skin dressings derived from progenitor skin fibroblasts containing growth factors and cytokines to provide protection and accelerated healing for burns, trauma and plastic surgery. It is applied in the very first stage of the wound therapeutic process, just after debridement. The accelerated healing is created by potent bio-modulators constituted from the progenitor cells and a “cocktail” of growth factors and cytokines providing strong signals to the patient to produce new “patient-own” cells.

Elanix is initially targeting burn care which is divided into three categories: minor burns, medically treated and hospitalized cases (large 2nd degree burns generally).

Production optimization of Elanix proprietary skin dressing technology is ongoing for randomized clinical evaluation. Under an ongoing compassionate use exemption program at CHUV Lausanne, this technology has been and is continuously used for to treat severe burn patients. More than 100 patients have been treated with over 12 years follow-up.


Elanix produces validated progenitor skin cells used in drug discovery, toxicity testing and cosmetic applications. Innovative skin test models or “organoids” are being developed to allow more cost effective and faster pharmaceutical discovery and validation, potentially enabling industry to use less laboratory animals.

Progenitor Cell Technology
Elanix holds exclusive rights to multiple banks of harvested, GMP-tested and stabilized progenitor cells, allowing cost-effective product manufacturing, storage and shipping. The versatility of these proprietary cells provides Elanix the foundations for the development of future tissue regeneration products in multiple areas based on cell type (tendons, cartilage and bones), expansion into different clinical application as well as enlargement of the gynecological and skin regeneration portfolio.

Advantages of this approach include:

  • Very potent immunologically neutral progenitor cells
  • Easy handling – in lyophilized form, no freezing required
  • Significantly lower cost than competing products.