We work in collaboration with major life science institutes and research centers.
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Leading provider of cost-effective contract services, offering more than 1,000 tests or services related to biologics safety testing, specialized toxicology and animal health services. BioReliance is the largest provider of safety testing services focused on the rapidly growing biologics sector of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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Company based in Taipei City, Taiwan Ltd focuses on regenerative medicine that involves the application of progenitor skin cells on wounds. The company develops and commercializes therapeutic and supporting care products for patients with various types and stages of wounds.

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goetzpartners securities Limited is a member of the goetzpartners group, and a leading pan-European investment bank and research company. We bring together a wide range of expertise, insights and innovations to advance the interests of our clients around the world. The fast-changing environment in the healthcare sector brings challenges for businesses and investors alike. Research innovation, digital transformation and disruptive business ideas reshuffle the corporate world at a relentless pace. Our sector knowledge and our global footprint bring together corporate intelligence and a deep understanding of the industry with a wide network of top decision makers. These collective insights help our clients to stay at the leading edge of change.


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Sincopharm SA

Swiss company established in 1989, based in Moudon, Switzerland.  The company develops and shapes innovative cosmetic formulations adapted to the customer needs.

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