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Share Capital :

8.080.902 EUR

Admitted to trading :

8.080.902 no par value shares

Not admitted for trading.:

0 no par value shares

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Segment :

Frankfurt Stock Exchange (General Standard

OTC Berlin

OTC Düsseldorf

Main Shareholders :

Prof. Dr. Lee-Ann Laurent-Applegate:

Total 19.35%, of which 12.85% directly, 6.49% attributed

Tomas Svoboda:

Total: 19.35%, of which 2.60% directly, 16.75% attributed

Prof. Wassim Raffoul:

Total 19.35%, of which 2.13% directly, 17.22% attributed

Dr. Anthony De Buys Roessingh:

Total 19.35%, of which 1.76% directly, 17.58% attributed

Fang Bao:

Total 22.45%, of which 22.45% directly.

Designated Sponsor :

Baader Bank AG

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